Nylon is a modern engineering product, applicable in all Industrial field. It is and ideal replacement for Brass, Copper, Mild Steel, Gun metal etc.

Because of its high tensile strength, good resistance to heat and self lubricity, extensive use has been made of Nylon as a material for the Production of Pads,Bushes,bearings and gears. This application is attributed to the fact that Nylon has better mechanical properties, reduced wear rate and abrasion resistance than other thermoplastics and better chemical resistance and lower dry friction than many common dry metals. In addition Nylon can be easily machined, while its cost compares favorably with many other materials used for bearings and gears.

Nylon is available in various shapes like Rods, Rings, Sheets, Textile gears, Ropeway lines, Crain bearing, Wear plates, Slipper blocks, Bush bearing, Trolly wheels, Split Busing, Thread roller, Spindles, Buffers, Shuttle blocks, Hammers etc.

Fibre Bearing
Fiber Bearing